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Preventative Maintenance

Keeping Your Unit Optimal

Think of preventive HVAC maintenance in the same way as the preventive maintenance for your car. If you don't change the oil and replace worn parts, the engine will lock up, and the car won't operate. The same holds true for heating and cooling systems. Imagine working in an office tower that lacks proper ventilation and air circulation - one that is hot and stuffy in the summer, frigid and downright cold in the winter. No one, including you and your team, would want to work there, let alone lease the space inside. Building systems are the lifeblood of any facility. Without lighting, water, or heating and cooling, a building would be uninhabitable. That’s why a strong preventive and intuitive HVAC maintenance program isn’t an option - it’s a must.

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Facts About AC Maintenance

  • Over 80% of all air conditioner repairs could've been prevented with proper routine maintenance.
  • Air conditioning units degrade anywhere from 1% to 3% every year.
  • When your air conditioner starts to degrade, your system will work harder to produce the same cooling effect. This means that your electric bill will be higher than normal.
  • Studies from utility companies indicate that preventative maintenance more than pays for itself in energy savings.

Financing Options Available

When your project needs a little assistance, JT Heating & Air Conditioning is ready to help there, too. We have financing options available to ensure your units are in perfect working condition without leaving your wallet light. The price we tell you is the price you'll pay. No workarounds. No surprises. That's just how we do business. Contact us for more information about how JT Heating & Air Conditioning can help you.

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